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Last Thursday Dexter and I started sub-novice obedience. I was excited as I have never done any form of training with my families dogs. Now that I have my own, I had to do it. Our first lesson (on leash) is Come Front, which Dexter got with in the first minute. I am even more excited to do this now than before, simply because of how much fun Dex and I are having making Come Front a game.

I can not wait to further our training, the next class is going to be heeling, which I know Dex will pick up instantly after how quickly he picked up come front.

Once this course is done, we will continue training with this woman and take her Novice obedience, agility, flyball and trick courses.

I think I will update this thread with each class/course, I am having a blast and need to share with people who would understand. lol
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