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I would train him to a crate or get an outdoor dog kennel (and put it on a wood deck that you build so he does not dig out).

He is just a baby at 6 months and with nothing to amuse him he will find a way to stay amused and you mostly won't like it.

With toys there is a trick. Get about 20 toys. Only let him have two. Each day take up the two he had for that day and the next day offer him two different ones. This means the toys don't repeat for 10 days and every day he gets "new" toys. It will help with getting bored with his toys.

Leaving a baby dog loose with things he can get into will lead to things you don't destroyed getting destroyed. A day will come when he gets something that kills him and, if it causes a stomach blockage and bloat the death will be protracted and painful if you do not get him to a vet in time. He can also access wiring and things that may be poisonous both of which can kill him.

Use a crate and/or outdoor kennel. It is the kindest thing.
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