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destructive dog, help

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Hey when im with my 6 month old golden he behaves, doesnt chew anything but his toys or what i allow. He respects my authority and boundaries. But i cant be with him 24 7. So he is left alone outside most of the time where there is a laundry room, front and backyard for him to roam. and when hes alone its like hes interested in everything except his toys and he often finds something to destroy chew, from clothes in the laundry room, to shoes, to plants in the backyard, equipment...Im always coming outside finding something else he took with his mouth and chewed/threw somewhere. I know dogs live in the moment and u have to catch them in the act but usually when i come outside to find the damage its too late and i think theres too many objects to learn thats not ok to chew... Ive had other dogs and never had such a problem. My parents are completely fed up and they dont allow him in the house.

Im contemplating just locking him up with a leash or something when im not with him but dont want to as it seems cruel but not sure i have a choice.
I do exercise him twice a day and take him for like 4 walks every day.

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He's a baby dog, still, and this really isn't unusual behavior, especially for a Golden! They are retrievers, and they like to use their mouths to explore and, well, chew!

He's a baby and really does not know any better. You must prevent him from accessing inappropriate items when you cannot supervise. So, dog-proof a room or invest in a crate. When you cannot supervise, he is in that dog-proofed room or in his crate. He is a young dog and still needs to learn that when you are not around, he needs to chill out. The crate helps achieve that. If you choose to do the dog-proofed room, you must make sure there is NOTHING he can get into. No wires, no objects within reach, nothing. Just his appropriate toys and perhaps bedding if he can be trusted not to chew that. If he's the house-eating type, then a crate is once again going to be your best option.

I would not recommend leaving a dog out in the yard all by himself, especially not tethered. Out in the yard, there is the risk of him digging out and escaping or having someone steal him. Goldens are popular dogs and someone may covet him! He may also bark incessantly, which will annoy your neighbors. Tethered, there's the risk of him becoming tangled in the leash or possibly strangling himself. A crate is the safest option.
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I would train him to a crate or get an outdoor dog kennel (and put it on a wood deck that you build so he does not dig out).

He is just a baby at 6 months and with nothing to amuse him he will find a way to stay amused and you mostly won't like it.

With toys there is a trick. Get about 20 toys. Only let him have two. Each day take up the two he had for that day and the next day offer him two different ones. This means the toys don't repeat for 10 days and every day he gets "new" toys. It will help with getting bored with his toys.

Leaving a baby dog loose with things he can get into will lead to things you don't destroyed getting destroyed. A day will come when he gets something that kills him and, if it causes a stomach blockage and bloat the death will be protracted and painful if you do not get him to a vet in time. He can also access wiring and things that may be poisonous both of which can kill him.

Use a crate and/or outdoor kennel. It is the kindest thing.
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thanks guys, imma invest in a crate
I agree with the others, but I just wanted to say to make sure the crate is in the laundry room (I'm assuming inside the house). Don't crate him outside.
That's how my mom's Golden was at that age, too. He once chewed an entire sofa down to the frame when left unattended for fifteen minutes. They grow out of it, it just takes a while. Worst adolescents, nicest dogs.
My golden was the WORST and honestly, I've been completely turned off them (as puppies) after that experience. Definitely use a crate! Mine grew out of it at 8-9 months, but we had other issues.
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