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I am have a beautiful 16 week old female dachshund puppy named Freya. But I am having a lot of trouble getting Freya house-broken. Note: I live in a small apartment in NYC.

While Freya is wee-wee pad trained, she refuses to go outside at all. I
take her on long half mile to mile walks 3-4 times a day. Generally
right after she wakes up and right after she eats. But she refuses to
do anything, even when I bring wee-wee pads and put them outside.

I think the issue is that she is timid to relieve herself in front of
me. So she waits until I am in the other room and uses the wee-wee pad
in her area.

This is all exacerbated by the crate training process. I have made a
very comfortable environment for Freya. The crate is the proper size,
I put toys and food in there with her, and obviously bedding. But she
barks and howls all night non stop. And then when I take her out to
use the bathroom, she doesn't go.

I tried letting her sleep in bed with me, but she constantly jumps on
and off the bed. Chews apart bedding, carpet, clothing, anything in
the room. She doesn't settle down, and it is no easier sleeping with
her in the room as it is with her howling in the crate. Additionally
she uses sleeping with me as an opportunity to urinate and defecate in
my room, which obviously sets back the training process.

The problem might be that she is not getting enough exercise. While at
work, I leave her alone for an average of 8 hours a day in a fenced
off small kitchen area. I leave food, water, wee-wee pads, toys, and
her crate in the area. But there is little room for her to move
around. I am going to start regularly returning mid-day to give her
exercise, and start bringing her to doggy-day care after she is
kennel-cough vaccinated. Really hope that helps.

The thing is, when I come home she just wants to sit on my lap. I feel like she (presumably) sleeps all day while I am gone. Wants to sleep all the time when I am awake. And then when I am trying sleeping, she wants to play and get attention.

Last night: for instance, I put her in the crate at around 12:30 after
she had fallen asleep with me on the couch. She consistently whined
and barked until 6am whereupon I took her for a long walk (she did
nothing). Every 30minute to an hour when her barking got loud I would
walk out to the kitchen (where I keep her crate), and slam on the side
yelling "QUIET." She would quiet down for a few minutes, but then the
barking starts up again. I had not fallen asleep by 6am. After the
walk, I put her in her kitchen area for 15 minutes. She still did not
relieve herself. So I put her back in the crate and went to sleep. I
was woken up by her howling at around 9:00am whereupon I walked her
again. Still nothing, but when I returned with her she ran right
inside and used the pad.

I haven't been sleeping at all and can't keep this up. Any suggestions?

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Tell your neighbors you are crate training, and apologize for any noise. Get yourself some ear plugs. The slamming the crate and yelling is attention to the dog, even though its negative attention. The dog needs to learn (and it will take days) that barking and howling will not get you to come to the crate. Alternatives are putting a sheet over the crate, putting a radio next to it, giving the dog a frozen stuffed king (what we use), moving the crate next to your bed so you can put your hand or fingers into it.

Take the dog out every hour, say, "Got potty" or "Go Pee" or "Do Your Numbers" and praise and treat, make it a big party when she does go. Take up the pads when you are home. Don't leave her unattended so she has to go in front of you.

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How long have you had Freya?
Dachshunds have a reputation for being a challenge to potty train, but it can be done.
One of the most important things is that a puppy should always be supervised, meaning always in your direct sight, with your attention on her. For the times when you CAN'T watch her, because you are doing chores, are showering, cooking, asleep, that's when she should be confined. Now, I understand that's a problem because she whines and cries. BUT, it can be a safety issue if she gets into something she shouldn't. Chewing bedding and carpet and such can be deadly if she ingests it and it causes a blockage.

At night, crating is super important, because if you're asleep you can't stop her from having accidents or chewing things up. Have you tried covering the crate? You can also tire her out just a bit before bedtime so she is more likely to sleep.
It takes time, if she is new to your home, and it's natural for pups to whine and be afraid in new places, and to always want to be with their person.

When you ARE home and not at work, it would be great if you could do some leave conditioning. This is basically just putting her in her crate, with something like a stuffed kong (we stuffed ours with peanut butter), and leaving for 1-2 minutes. Do this as many times throughout the day as you can, so that it becomes normal. After a couple days, try increasing the time to 5 minutes, and still, do it as many times a day as you can. Keep gradually increasing time.

Of course, when you are NOT home, you still have to leave her crated for as long as needed, for her safety and the safety of your possessions!

Do you have a patio? Is your plan to always have the option of wee pads or would you like to transition to only having her pee and poop outside?
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