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Desperate need of help with a 2 1/2 week old litter of puppies

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My dog had 9 puppies on March 28th. The first 2 weeks went extremely smooth, and I didn't have to intervene. We lost a pup a couple of days ago, so I brought the whole litter to the Vet who did testing and said they were healthy but a little dehydrated. She gave me a banana bag of electrolytes to inject the pups. There were a few white blood cells in moms milk, so I'm giving her a daily anitbiotic.

I haven't seen mom breast feed them in days, but I'm gone from 8-12 1-6 and at night when we sleep. I try forcing her in the kennel with them, but she refuses to feed them. I don't think she's abandoned them because when 1 will whelp, she'll rush to the kennel, clean the feces, check on them all, but she won't feed. I bought the store bought powdered milk and I've tried feeding the pups, but they don't seem interested in the bottle nipple...I have to physically shove it in there mouth, and I'm only getting about 5-10 ml in, while the back of the formula bottle says they should be getting 120 mls a day.....I don't know what to do at this point. I tried moving the 5x 4 kennel from the laundry room to the living room since my dog always follows me, but she still isn't responding. Also, all of the puppies seem to be sucking each others vaginas.....I'm slightly panicked. Any ideas or suggestions? Sorry, this is my first litter. Shepherd/Lab bred with Belgium Malinois.

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Have you tried feeding them mush / can food? Dyne got calories, evaporated milk. You can also try syringe feeding them. As well I use playtex vent air when they are a little older, the pet bottles suck.

Suckling the vaginas can cause infection or damage also.
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