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We’ve had our dog for four years. He’s a ten pound toy poodle/chihuahua mix and he’s always slept with us.
Over the last four years, there would be nights every once in a while where he’d jump off our bed and wake us up to get out of the room. Typically we’d just put him back in bed and he’d go back to sleep. if he jumped down again, then we’d take him outside. This happened maybe once every two or three months, maybe even less frequently than that.

Well, three weeks ago, he woke us up and jumped off the bed. We did our usual routine and he jumped off a second time, so I took him out and he really didn’t do much. In the past, it was usually that he was sick and had diarrhea and that’s why he had to go. Now he just squatted, barely peed, came back in and went to sleep.

Then, the next night it happened again. And it happened again after that until we were at a whole week of him waking us up multiple times a night to get out of our room. Sometimes he just wanted a drink, sometimes he just wanted to go outside (where he’d do barely nothing again), sometimes he just wanted to go to our kitchen and lick the floor (which makes him sick—also we have a clean floor—there might be a few crumbs I can’t see but I can’t mop the floor every freaking night).

We know this Isn’t medical because we recently went on vacation and left him at my mom’s, which is like a second home to him, and he sleeps with her and she said he didn’t wake her up once. Slept through every night.

Then we get back from vacation and he immediately picked right back up with getting us up. We haven’t changed anything since he started doing this: not his food or his schedule or when we sleep or the temperature of the house—literally nothing. We’ve tried just putting his water bowl in our room, but then he gets up to get a drink and then wants to go out. We’ve tried just leaving the door open so he can do what he wants but then he goes and licks the kitchen floor for an hour and makes himself sick (he’s on a special diet bc of a sensitive stomach), plus most times he’ll come back to the room and cry and wake us up anyway to put him back in bed, even though he can jump up himself. We’ve tried ignoring him (he just cries louder and louder). We’ve tried putting him back in bed (we’ll have to put him back four, five times and he’ll still jump down again wanting out of the room). We’ve tried doing mental exercises with him before bed to tire him out (though we’ve never needed to do this before so why now). Nothing is working.

WE ARE AT OUR WIT’S END. We cannot keep getting woken up like this. It’s exhausting and making me dread night time because I’m just waiting to get woken up. Literally the only thing I can think of is that I’m pregnant, but I’m 7 1/2 months pregnant, so I don’t know why he’d suddenly just start this behavior in the last few weeks.

We’re honestly to the point where we’re going to just put him in a kennel, put the kennel in the basement, and be done with him for the night. He’s never been in a kennel so I know this would traumatize him but we don’t know what else to do.

Anyone deal with a situation like this? Please help. We’re so desperate, especially with a baby coming in 9 weeks.
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