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We have been breeding dogs for a while now this is our first issue with a buyer wanting refund back we advised the purchaser when they seen the pup the deposit was non refundable advised we did refund 1 time due to not being completely satisfied with the buyer. But explained we require deposit to show this is a life time commitment for puppy. Now they want funds returned as they found a different breed of dog and would look at future dogs with us. How would you react?
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So did you tell the potential buyers that you did refund a deposit once? Still that was not the buyer's decision to stop contract?

This is my opinion and only my opinion, if you informed them there is no refund and they went ahead and found a another puppy/breeder (changed their minds), I feel you are under no obligation to return funds and it would be your discretion.
Yes and it was under the whole we do not refund but in that 1 instance we did as it wasn't a good fit for a pup. We take whats in the best interest of a dog they are part of our family once they leave and we stay in contact throughout the dogs life.
Im never one to question things but one of those things that make you go Hmmmmm its like an deposit they are 99% non refundable now if there was a financial burden than I can understand
If you were upfront and said the deposit is non refundable and the buyer signed off on it when they paid, then I would keep the deposit. I wouldn't go around telling people that you've issued a refund for reasons other than there wasn't a puppy for that person on the wait list in future, though, haha! Sometimes if you let on that you've given an inch people will take a mile.
Very true worst thing when its someone you have known a while makes it 10000x harder to be firm
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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