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Dental rinse

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I am wondering if anyone has any opinions about dental rinses. I brush Muggsy's teeth (w/Triple Pet toothpaste) a few times a week & I give him bully sticks also. He has a couple of rope toys, but they aren't as interesting to him as stuffed toys he can tear up ;)
He is 5.4 yrs old & his teeth have no noticeable build up & his breath isn't bad. I do not want to take him for a dental cleaning because of the anesthesia*. I have been looking into dental rinses, specifically Triple Pet Plaque Off & PetzLife oral care.
I feed Muggsy an organic diet & spring water.....as a blood cancer survivor I try to lessen my chemical body burden & do the same for my small furry friend. So, while I am intrigued by the idea of an extra boost to help keep his mouth healthy, I want to be careful what I add to his water.
I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who has tried a rinse. Also is there anyone who has ever found a vet who would do a dental cleaning w/out anesthesia?

*IMO: Having had many procedures thanks to the Big C & having been put under a bazillion times, I know the whole procedure is one they take very seriously. A friend of mine went to med school just to be an anesthesiologist. I will not subject Muggsy to that except, of course, in exigent circumstances.
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If his teeth are clean and breath good, why do you feel the need for him to get a dental? I would continue doing what you are doing and never give him a dental. As for the product you asked about, I have never used it but I suspect it's like most pet products ... pretty much useless. Again, with the results you are getting, I wouldn't change anything.
I regularly floss, rinse, brush & my teeth are clean & my breath is good. I still go for a dental cleaning twice a year. To my surprise, they found I had a cavity on my last check-up.
I don't feel the need for Muggsy to have a dental cleaning at this time; however I don't believe that brushing alone will be enough to maintain good oral health as he gets older.
My friend's Golden started having serious dental issues at the age of 9, abcesses, a cracked molar...She spent a few grand on dental surgery, but the dog's health was never the same & she didn't live much longer after that.
I am interested in opinions from people who have tried other methods to maintain good oral health in their pets.
I'm very big on dental hygiene for my pets (and a big hypocrite when it comes to my own). Even the dog I fed raw meaty bones needed a dental under anesthesia once during his life at my vet's recommendation. I neglected a cat's bad breath for too long only to find that she had developed kidney disease from her funky gums.

It is my impression that to clean an animal's teeth below the gumline anesthesia is necessary. Without it, the cleaning is by definition superficial and aesthetic only.

We have gone back to a product called Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene Solution and find it is working well. We're about half way through a 16 oz bottle after about two months, using a capful a day. It's odorless and tasteless so the pets don't notice it. It's been about 8 months since I had my rescue dog's teeth done under anesthesia and they are still white and his breath is sweet (sort of) so I am happy with the product. The cats' breath is better. I also use an Oxyfresh gel as a toothpaste when I think of it. Oxyfresh is a MLM organization but I don't sense anything evil or phony about them or their products. I think we used Petzlife once but didn't think it worked as well as Oxyfresh.
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