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Dental Bones

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I just gave my dog a dental bone and he downed it like no other bone I've ever seen. He likes it, so I don't mind giving it to him, I'm just wondering if they really are beneficial, particularly when viewed against the cost.
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My 10 year old Lhasa Bichon mix Sadie had very very bad tartar build up on her teeth.

The vet wanted to put her under to remove the tartar, but because Sadie has a heart condition, I didn't want to go through with it, for fear that she may not pull through the anestisia.

So I gave her Denta sticks for a year, every 3 days.

I bring her back a year later to the vet, and her teeth are fine.

Now I discovered Bully sticks. They last longer and I find she gets a better chew.

So to answer your question. Yes they do work, but they are pricy.
The bones do work. My old dog loved these dental bones called Greenies, but like said above me, they are pretty expensive. I found that just giving hard things to chew (like Iams dog bones) will help clean up a dirty mouth.
Guess they work for some dogs. Sassy just broke up and swallowed any man made 'bone'. Currently she is getting a raw beef rib once a week or so. Pulling off the meat and tough connective tissues works really well to clean teeth and it is cheaper than most dog chewies like bully sticks and pig ears. They are tossed once the goodies are gone as beef bones are harder than most dog's teeth.
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