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Zookeep ,

You have received good advice from the above DF members.

General info:

Ivermectin 1% therapeutic dose range for Demodex treatment in dogs that I am familiar with is 300 to 600 mcg. per kg.
Many Vet will start with a very low dose to see if dog tolerates the Ivermectin well.
Stop treatment and call Vet if any signs of toxic reaction to Ivermectin : May see staggering, vomiting, diarrhea, depression, or dilated pupils.

1 ml. Ivomec 1% contains 10 mg Ivermectin or 10,000 mcg. (micrograms)

.1 ml. Ivomec 1% contains 1 mg Ivermectin or 1,000 mcg.

So your dose of .6 ml Ivermectin 1% contains 6000 mcg of Ivermectin 1%.

50 lbs dog divided by 2.2 = 22.75 kg , so , 22.75kg dog weight x 300mcg = 6825 mcg or .68 ml Ivermectin for lower end of therapeutic dose range. The dose you are on is light and your Vet may increase the dose if mange does not start to resolve.

Treatment for Demodex can take many weeks or a few months to resolve. Be patient.

I have had good results treating Demodex with Ivermectin 1%.

Best , oldhounddog
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