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This was my first time making these. I had boiled and chopped up some liver a month ago and I had been keeping it the freezer to give to him but I dediced I wanted something non-perishable so I decided I wanted to dehydrate them. They came out pretty crunchy, after you put them in a plastic bag for a few hours you may notice they remoisten a bit, but not enough to have to store them in the fridge.

Just a warning this stuff stinks to the high heaven(reminds me of the canned pedigree I used to feed). If you happen to have a toaster that doubles as an oven that you can plug in on the patio, by all means take advantage of this! lol.

You'll need

-1lb of Liver(chicken,beef pork,)
- Small Pot of Water
- An Oven

1) Set your water to a boil and throw your liver in for 2-4 minutes depending on how cooked you want it(I did about 3)

2) Drain and chop the liver up. The smaller you chop it the faster it will dehydrate so don't do these huge chunks.

3) Set your oven to 150(although most go to 200 if it does that will do too)

4) Spread your liver out on a cookie sheet and put it in the oven. Bake for 2-5 hours leaving the oven door propped open halfway. The bake time will depend on how humid it is outside the oven. My mom had bought a black and decker toaster that doubled as an oven so I plugged it in outside to bake and it took mine about 2.5 hours. It could take yours an hour or two more if your baking it indoors where the humidity can build up.

5) once the liver's nice and crunchy, take the liver out of the oven and set it out for 20 minutes.

6) Once that's done you can put the liver in a plastic bag and store it at room temp.

Heres how mine looked when it came out

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