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Deciding on breed (lab v golden)

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I’ll start with a little background. My first dog was a rescue pit mix with complex behavior issues, I sadly lost him to lymphoma at 4 in 2014. Just before I lost my pit, I found the best chihuahua in the world on CL, we lost him at 11 years old this past month. At the end of 2014, I bought the most lovely GSD he was a dream. When my ex and I split he took the GSD and I kept the chihuahua. I still morn my GSD to this day (even though he really is living his best life with my ex).

I’m highly involved with my dogs. We’ve non-competitively done agility, obedience, I was KPA certified with my first dog, we’ve done some nose work, even tried Dock diving, rally, barn hunt. So Im looking for a dog that’s ready to work but can also settle in a household.

This will be my husbands first large dog, that’s why it’s between a golden and lab. To me the biggest difference between the golden and lab is their fur type. Other than that they feel very similar. I’ve even considered an Aussie as well, but I hesitate there because as I said, I’m looking for easy to ease my husband into large dogs.

Does anyone have any thoughts?
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As an FYI, Labradors shed like absolute fiends. Goldens as a breed are prone to allergies and cancer. In both breeds, the field/working lines tend to be lighter boned with a much more intense personality, while the show lines tend to be heavier boned and more mellow personality (those are sweeping generalizations, and dogs are individuals).
Looking for show lines is probably a good idea. I have a friend with working bred Labradors. Working as in for her older girls, their dam is a FEMA certified live find dog, the sire of the older bitch is a working detection dog and the younger bitch's sire is a titled field dog, and the baby puppy's sire and dam are are also SAR dogs. Her dogs are intense. She is a nosework instructor, and got working/field line dogs specifically for the sport. Other puppies from her older girls' litters are working SAR and detection dogs, and her puppy's littermates have all gone to serious working/sport homes.
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