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Hey yall! first time in this forum so i thought id try my luck! I have recently been a proud new parent for my 5 month old female shiba inu Akiko! I had just adopted her less than a week ago and was looking for advice around how to deal with her nervousness/unsureness. When i had adopted her from the breeder, she was born and raise all on the farm so her exposure to many people (other than family) or city life has been very minimal. I pretty much live in downtown NYC so what a culture shock for the poor baby. She is very good at home however, and is loving, confident, and gets along with the cat at home. Outside however, she seems very overwhelmed and fearful of strangers that walk by her. Shes slowly getting better with ignoring strangers and walking in public, but she cant seem to ever want anything to do with strangers other than giving a quick sniff then bolting away. Ive been trying to do positive reinforcement with high yield treats (freeze dried liver) in public but she seems more focus on her environment and refuses even high yield treats downright. Any advice on building rapport with a fearful puppy to get her use to strangers and the city who isnt food motivated nor toy motivated?

PS: she however LOVES other dogs and is super polite with other dogs at the dog park. She is kinda an odd puppy since she isnt interested in playing with rope toys or balls as much as other dogs (she does enjoy my cats toy however :rolleyes:).

Update: also isnt a huge fan of strangers in general entering my home as well (even with them holding treats, cant seem to get her to approach)
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