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Dealing with a puppy with a slight leg sprain

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My 10 week old pup over-extended herself the other day, and has been limping a little on her back leg. It is improving rapidly (it happened yesterday afternoon, and the limping is already pretty much gone, except when she gets up from sleeping or after a pee, when she is either stiff, or tensing the sore muscle) so I am not worried about it, but wanted a little advice on keeping her happy while she is sore.

She has been very, very bored and over excited today - she isn't going up and down stairs, because it is sore, and she hasn't been able to go for long walks as usual, for the same reason - she gets sore. Because of that, she is not getting the usual amount of exercise, so she isn't the sleepy, relaxed pup I am used to! Any ideas on how to tire her out and get her exercise without lots of walking?

I'm sure she'll be fine in a day or so, but I don't want her to be going mad barking with boredom in the meantime, and I can't walk her like I usually do...
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not sure how she's doing by now, but you could try keeping her in a playpan or put a baby gate in a room so she only stays in that room. Giving her a Kong, stuffed toys or a chew stick might temporarily help the boredom. You might also want to try to ice it 3 times a day for about 10-15 min and the next day make a warm compress 3 times a day. If it doesn't improve, your vet might prescribe a muscle relaxant. This not only will assist with the pain, but will help her to feel sleepy and rest a little. Puppies are so full of energy that it is hard to contain them when they are sick. Also, since she is a puppy, you might want to give her ice cubes for the gums or cold carrots :) It helped my puppy a lot when he was teething. GOod luck and I hope that as I post this she's already back to normal!!!
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