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Hello everyone! Its been a while but I have missed the forums. Ive been a surrogate mom to a orphaned howler monkey for 9 weeks in south america so the internet wasnt the best...

Koda, my 10 year old shih tzu had a run in with my sisters nails one night late November. I brought him to the vet the next day, he has a corneal ulcer and you can see the damage from her nail in his eye. The vet said it wont cause sight issues :)

So he was on ointment for 10 days, went back for a check up and placed on drops again. This week was his 3rd check up, $120 ( which sucks but its worth it! he is my best friend ) There was a dead skin buildup on his eye causing the eye not to heal the way it should or close for the matter. So the eye was numbed and the skin removed. More drops till the 29th.

My dad was the one who brought him in when the skin needed to be removed. I am 4 hours away working till christmas. I tried to call the vet several times to understand the cause of dead skin in the eye ( obv the injury ) and how normal that is. But no answer or call back. So! Can anyone tell me how normal this is? really worried :(
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