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Deacon Thread

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Kiddo turned 7 the other day.
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i see a lot of other dogs his age,and they all LOOK like the typical senior dog, but him? He is mistaken for a puppy on a weekly basis. HE IS SEVEN!!!
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Some white face, and his teeth for sure show his age. I brush them every day but they are still a little icky
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He hates the water, but loves the boat..
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Working getting in shape,some dogs get winter weight but mine gets summer weight.. the summer is unbarable here
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He's a colorful boy

(ignore the mess in the background!)
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(pre dye, this is from yesterday, other photo is from today). Watching me (as usual)
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The dye washed off after a swim in the pool :(

this dude has been on a rest period since he had a bit of a sport injury. I let him loose today to be himself for the first time in a week.. and oh my god I had a barking, sneezing, and growling TORNADO on my hands! He was ripping grass out of the yard he was looking for anything to grab and fling at me to throw to him. After we played for 2 hours and he was EXAUSTED, he met the chickens! he doesn't care.. expected. The chickens where oddly fascinated with him? I was so scared they where going to walk up and peck him, they where THAT confident with him. Deacon and chickens Co-existed while I cleaned their chicken coop. I was scared of the chickens being a brat to deacon and trying to eat him (they try and eat me...) so I don't think chicken time will be something that happens reguarly but I was VERY curious to see how he would do with adult chickens.

that marks horses, rabbits, rats, and chickens off of the list of weird/not seen every day animals! All of which he is wonderful with. Could I ask for a better dog? I am looking at my next breed but nothing is good enough, I want another deacon? Please?
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