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Dazed and Confused...

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Hello everyone!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day and I also hope that someone or everyone can help me...

A few years ago, I went for a run and found what looked like a malamute. He, Buddy, was on a trail along the river, but right next to the busiest road in town. Needless to say, I brought him home (really he couldn't wait to JUMP into my jeep). :) Sad to say, my Buddy past away over a year ago. :( Until recently, I was not ready for a new puppy, but I would really like to start looking for a new companion like him.

A few months ago, I met a man selling puppies. He states the puppies are Timber wolf / Malamute mix. The gentlemen had the male adult dog, the dog looked exactly like Buddy. Except, Buddy has more white in his coat then the other dog. They do have a lot of the same features. For instance, the face, the ears, the fur, the fur texture...

Now, I feel clueless as to what type of dog my Buddy was. He was such a wonderful dog. He was truly a blessing in my life.

So, I am hoping someone can help me figure out what kind of a dog my Buddy was.. Alaskan Malamute, Timber Wolf, or a mixture.. Any suggestions???

I attached two photos of my Buddy, a close up of his whole body (when he first found me). Second, close up on his face. Neither really show his tail very well. When he walked around, it usually (not everything time) curled up and not all the way, but enough for the tip to fall back towards his body without really touching his body.

Thanks for all your help,
Elizabeth :)


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I'm not the resident wolf expert but I will say it's highly highly unlikely that your dog was a wolf mix. For one thing if he was he would not behave like a dog and would not have been easy for a first time dog owner. For other reasons you'll have to get the input of some of our more knowledgable members.
That is what I always thought until I met that man with the pups that he claims are Timber Wolf mix. I started doing research and some of it states that the Timber Wolf breed (and only Timber Wolf) is extremely close to the everyday dog. Some state that you can tell by the whole "fight or flight". Which when I first met Buddy he was definitely in "flight" mode. Though, whenever any dog ever advanced him (which happened a lot), he would turn into "fight" mode instantly. I never had to worry about him. He could protect himself in a matter of seconds against more then one dog!!! Is that normal for regular dogs?? I don't know.. Thanks for your input. :)
I personally doubt that your Buddy has wolf in him, or that the man with the "Timber wolf mix" actually DID have a wolf dog. Most people buy "wolf dog" puppies that were falsely advertised - husky or malamute or shepherd mixes that have a wolflike appearance are sold as "wolf mixes" for extra cash. He may have been interested in getting more money for his puppies, or he might have seriously thought he himself had bought a wolf mix and was selling puppies with wolf blood in them.

It might just be me, but your dog's paws, ears, and muzzle do not seem to indicate any wolf. But you should wait for some of our wolf dog experts (Nekomi) to come along. Buddy was a beautiful dog, though. The whole "flight" thing iscommon among dogs with a bad/traumatic past. Many dogs display the flight instinct.
I agree that it's very doubtful the pup had any wolf in it at all. But, if it is by some remote chance part wolf you want to stay far far far away from that pup. Yes, some hybrids turn out fine, generally those with very little wolf blood but I would not take the chance. Instead why not go to a responsible Malamute breeder or rescue group if you want another Mal?
http://www.malamuterescue.org/ Maria Wells, P.O. Box 6028, Sparta, TN 38583, 419-512-2423, [email protected]
Start with the above links.
Everyone, Thank you for your input. The whole situation is kind of funny and weird. Before I met that man, I had a list of breeders (from the AKC website and word of mouth) that I was planning to visit. I was so sure that I knew what type of dog Buddy was. I was excited and ready to move forward. Then, I met that man (Dun..Dun.. Dun....) But then I found this forum.. :)
your dog looks like a siberian husky mix. he doesn't have the tightly curled tail that mals have
Thank you. He was a wonderful dog inside and out!! :) Which is why I would really like to find another dog with the same qualities as him... :)
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