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Day at the dog park

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Last weekend DH and i took Belvie to the dog park. I've been trying to take him at least once every weekend to socialize him with other dogs. He grew up with a cat, so he plays like a cat. He loves to play with other dogs, but can be a little unsure about the process... I took him to the park on friday and it was the first time that he *really* played with the dogs. Granted they were small dogs (that's all that were there that day)but i think it really boosted his confidence because the next day he played with all the dogs in the park!

I took some pictures on saturday. He had a blast!!

Just arriving:

Playing with the doberman.. He had a blast with her!

Meeting the big dogs
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Cooling off

He loved playing with the boxer- DH's sister has a boxer who Belvie LOVES playing with, but the boxer is very out of shape. Belvie was very suprised to see a boxer that can run faster then him!

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Drinking from the mudpuddle dispite have fresh water...

And the dog that cleared everyone out...

As soon as the owner showed up with that dog and another about 75% of the people left. I've never seen that guy before, so i had no idea his dogs were aggressive... The both of them were snarling every time a dog got close.

It was still a great day at the park though!

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It's a BREC (The Recreation & Park Commission for the Parish of East Baton Rouge) dog park. Most of the BREC parks are fairly well maintained and the dog park is closer to the suburbs of Baton Rouge so it is better maintained (for the most part at least). People are pretty good about picking up after themselves. I love been close to a park like that! THere is one closer to my house.... but it's not so good or popular! I'd rather take the extra 10 min. and go to a place where other dogs go.

It's hard to kill the grass here in louisiana too :)
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