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Day at the dog park

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Last weekend DH and i took Belvie to the dog park. I've been trying to take him at least once every weekend to socialize him with other dogs. He grew up with a cat, so he plays like a cat. He loves to play with other dogs, but can be a little unsure about the process... I took him to the park on friday and it was the first time that he *really* played with the dogs. Granted they were small dogs (that's all that were there that day)but i think it really boosted his confidence because the next day he played with all the dogs in the park!

I took some pictures on saturday. He had a blast!!

Just arriving:

Playing with the doberman.. He had a blast with her!

Meeting the big dogs
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Great pictures Kat. Belvie looks like he had a blast. And why would he want to drink clean water when the disgusting stuff is around...:confused: :D
Guess NYC is just too cheap :D sorry couldn't resist that since you said to "be gentle"! All of the ones in Houston have grass...so guess you get to be jealous some more. ;) Seriously, they maintain the one I go to very well. Most of the people clean up after their dogs so I guess that helps. And grass here withstands most things...it's grown to be tough...like Texas.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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