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Hey, it's Dave.

A Canadian fellow buys himself a brand-new $20,000 Rav 4 for his Christmas. He drives down to his favorite pub and celebrates by tossing down a few too many beers with his ol' pals. In one of those unofficial male-bonding traditions, the five of them decide to drive in the new car and go on a duck-hunting expedition. They get in the Rav 4 and load it with guns, decoys, beer, and a dog, and then they drive out to the nearby lake.

It's the middle of the winter, and the lake is frozen so the boys needed to bore a hole in the frozen lake and create a landing area for the ducks and decoy. It's a common practice in Canada to blow up a hole in the frozen lake with dynamite. Our boys had nothing to worry about, for one man, who was a member of a construction team, just so happened to be carrying along with him some dynamite. The stick consisted of a short 20-second fuse.

The boys are ready for some action. They're all set up. The group ponders about a way to safely blow up a hole in the frozen lake. One of these rocket scientists experiences an epiphany, and says "We should blow up the dynamite far away from where we are standing so we won't get hurt, right guys?". Another rocket scientist informs the group of possibly slipping on the ice while escaping the activated dynamite. So the boys decide to throw the dynamite from a distance.

The owner of the Rav 4 states he has a good arm, so he is the one who gets to throw the dynamite. The man lights the dynamite. Right when he hears the dynamite sizzle, he throws the bomb at a great velocity and proceeds to escape in the opposite direction.

An individual of another species notices his master's arm motions, and instinctively proceeds to sprint across the ice. Remember when I mentioned the dog in the first couple paragraphs? Yes, that one.

Five alarmed boys begin hollering, trying to get the dog to stop in his tracks. The cries fall on deaf ears. And in no time, the dog is sprinting back to his owner, carrying a burning stick of dynamite. The group continues to holler and wave their arms while the happy dog happily trots towards them. Out of desperation, the dog's owner aims his shotgun and fires at the dog.

The gun is loaded with pellets, and instead of being hurt, the dog is confused. Bewildered, the dog continues sprinting towards his master, who fires at man's best friend once more. Finally accepting the fact that his owner has gone crazy, the dog runs for cover. And of course, the nearby cover is the brand new Toyota Rav 4.

KaBoom! The dog and the Rav 4 are blown to smithereens and the aftermath leaves a large ditch. The stranded men are just standing there, comprehending the fact that everything that just happened was reality. Plus, the owner of the Rav 4 must explain his epic adventure to his insurance company. Needless to say, the insurance company concluded that blowing up a Rav 4 by illegal means of dynamite is not covered under their policy, and the Rav 4 owner is still making his $200 monthly payments.

What a Christmas.

...taken from www.rhinothecat.com

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