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We've all heard the horror stories about rope toys and the damage they can do to a dogs GI tract. I've always kept rope toys away from my dog until the other day while at the dog park, a lady presented my dog with a long rope toy. Within 2 seconds, the large rope disappeared down her gullet. She immediately went back to running around happily as we were all in shock, looking around on the ground in disbelief that she had taken in the entire thing.
As a concerned parent, I made the mistake of reading the stories posted online from other unfortunate rope eatings which were mostly nothing but carnage and vet bills.
The next day she began passing the red rope through her intestines. I gave her a few minutes on her own to attempt passing it through during a "routine" bowel movement. The threads from the rope can cinch down around pieces of their intestines and if pulled on or forced out, can cause dangerous damage.
After about 2 minutes of her looking around with a rope hanging out of herself from behind, I very gently held the rope in my hand and didn't restrain her. I slowly began pulling, cautious of the slightest resistance. With ease, the rope passed completely through without any bleeding.
The next day, two days after consuming the braided rope toy, she threw up the other rope in tact. I was surprised that she held one rope in her stomach for two days, yet passed the other rope completely through in one day.
The reason I wanted to share this story is because some new dog owners may not know the hazards of certain toys before its too late. With the plethora of horror stories online about the outcomes of related situations, I needed some reassurance that my dog was going to live to see another day.
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