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Dallas went to a new obedience school and it was much better than her previous classes at Petco (no offense to Petco.) The instructor held us much more accountable and the dogs needed to get at least 120 points out of 160 points in order to "Graduate" and be able to move onto level II. Here's how Dallas did: Heel on leash and doing a figure 8 - 37.5 out of 40 pts. Stand for examanition - 24 out of 30 pts., 6 pts were deducted because I praised her twice when I wasn't supposed, Dallas did perfect for her part. Recall & Finish - 29.5 out of 30 pts. Long sit (1 minute without us saying anything after the initial "stay" command) - 30 out of 30 pts. Long Down - (lay down for 3 minutes without us saying anything after the initial "stay" command.) - 20 out of 30 pts. Dallas only lasted 1.5 minutes, there was a treat distracting her and she got up too soon. Dallas scored 141 out of 160 pts. - I was so proud, and happy with her! I may do agility with her, but the woman does the training on her property and it is not fenced in, Dallas has never been off leash out in public, I'm kind of scared she may run away. Anyways, here are Dallas' graduation pictures: Oh and tomorrow is her 1st birthday, so we'll have some birthday pictures soon!!

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