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Sometimes when DH and I go out in the evening and forget to clear off the kitchen counter, our dog will grab empty food boxes off the counter and destroy them looking for food remnants (yes, we do feed her on a regular basis LOL).

On Saturday evening, I left by myself to attend a dinner. As soon as Georgia heard the garage door start to go down, she ran over to the kitchen counter, grabbed an empty Ritz box DH had left there, and brought it into the living room. Apparently she had forgotten that DH was still home, and the moment she heard his "what the heck do you think you are doing?" she looked up with an "oh crap" expression, dropped the box, and jumped up in his chair to give him kisses. (Look at what a nice dog I am. kiss kiss Let's just forget about this whole cracker box incident, okay??) :rolleyes:
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