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Cushing disease

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Hello, I am wondering at what age dose Cushing disease start in dogs. I have a 17 week old lab mix who shows symptoms after being spayed such as frequent urination, puffy belly and excess thirst. I have been to two different vets with urine tests and X-rays being fine. If anyone has any info on this disease or what else her symptoms could be caused from please let me know. thank you.
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Everything I read indicates this usually happens in dogs over age 6.

The symptoms you describe could be many things. You need to go back to the vet with your dog.
Thank you. The vet said checking her kidneys and electrolights woukf be next.
Yes. I suggest a Test for diabetes as well....
Ok, good to know. It's just so strange how her issues dud not start until after her spay surgery. I keep hearing different things about spay inconstancy, do you know if that can start immediately?
When I was doing rescue I saw one case where spay incontinence seemed to start immediately after the surgery. She was an adult dog, and I say "seemed" because she'd only been in our care a couple of days before the surgery. Other than that, the earliest I ever saw was before the dog was two, so say within a year to 18 months after the surgery. Every other case I've seen or heard about developed it in their senior years.

None of the dogs I've known with it had swollen stomach or excessive thirst. They just were incontinent. The most obvious sign was urine spreading behind them when they were sound asleep. That can also be a sign of a UTI, though.

If your vet can't come up with a diagnosis, consider getting a second opinion.
Thank you very much that was helpful information. She never has leaked urine and she actually sleeps through the whole night. Throughout the day her urine becomes very diluted and clear. You seem to know a lot about dogs health which is awsome. Is there anything I can do now to prevent spay inconstancy in the future? this is actually the second vet we have taken her to but I am willing to switch if needed, thank you again.
Sorry, I don't know of anything that prevents spay incontinence in the future. I had laparoscopic spays done on my last three bitches in hopes of avoiding it, but since two of them are only now entering senior years, I can't say for certain whether that was worthwhile yet. I'm glad you're having testing done and pursuing a diagnosis of your girl's problem.
Thank you! I apprciate all of your help.
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