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Hey, Im just curious if this is nomral behaviour for a dog.

He sits at the front door and even going to the back gate of our yard waiting for my Mom to get home from work. Once she is home he wont do it untill she is out of his sight again Per say if shes going to bed he will sit at the bottom of the stairs and then realise that she has gone to bed. When she isn't home he will just be sat on his bed or At the front/back door. He does everything else as i would expect a dog to do.
He plays with my dad when my dad is in hte mood for doing this and will start to wag his tail when my dad calls him and basically giving him attetion otherwise its just there

Weve had him for 2years and we dont know his breed due to it being a rescue (Not sure if he was socialized) and this has only happened recently
Thanks in advance.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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