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Curing Dog Separation Anxiety - Special Discount for DogForum.com Members!

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Attention all dog owners with loved ones suffering from separation anxiety…

There Is A New Way To Cure Your Dog’s Destructive Habits - With Results In As Little As a Few Hours

Did you know that 14% to 35% of dogs have separation anxiety? If you have a crying dog or your dog jumps on people, or even if your dog is depressed when you leave them by themselves, you probably have a dog that has separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is the condition that a dog experiences when you leave them alone at home, or, conversely give them too much attention and then stop being interested in them when you are too busy. One theory about dog separation anxiety is that a dog sees their owner as the ‘leader of the pack’, and many pets think that when you leave the house, or you stop giving them a lot of attention, they are not part of the ‘pack’ anymore.

This separation anxiety leads to bad behavior like tearing-up personal property, going potty in the house on purpose, and other destructive behavior. In her new book, ‘Curing Dog Separation Anxiety’, expert dog trainer Stephanie Abel addresses all of the causes that lead up to creating an unmanageable dog. In addition, this is a comprehensive publication that provides an in-depth discussion of what separation anxiety is, how it starts and how to cure it.

‘Curing Dog Separation Anxiety’ helps you to determine if your dog has separation anxiety, and provides numerous ways to treat it. This includes behavior modification, crating, medications, anxiety wraps, diet, exercise, and on-the-spot tips to cure separation anxiety right away. In fact, with Stephanie Abel’s dog training techniques, you can see improvement in your dog’s behavior in your first session of retraining your dog.

Start Retraining Your Dog Today To See Immediate Results

If your dog destroys furniture, claws doors, walls and flooring, or even frightens your guests when they are in your home, you have a problem that needs to be solved immediately. These are only a few of the topics that Stephanie Abel covers in her book, ‘Curing Dog Separation Anxiety.’ Stephanie also explains how to recognize the different emotions of your dog, why your dog whines, why your dog is depressed, and why your dog jumps on people all the time. However, there is much more to ‘Curing Dog Separation Anxiety.’ This is definitely a comprehensive dog training program and training philosophy that can turn a dog that is out of control into a loveable pet. Following, you will find some of the more common behavioral problems that Stephanie addresses and solves.

My Dog Is Out Of Control

If your dog jumps on you when you come home, you may think this is cute, but when they start jumping on other people or growling when guests visit your home, this behavior can be perceived as threatening and dangerous to your guests. Your dog may be trying to protect you from intruders, but they need to learn how to behave around other people and other dogs that are friendly.

Remember, it only takes one bite or attack from your dog to have it taken away. This fact is especially important to be aware of if you have to take your dog outside in your neighborhood to go potty around unfamiliar people and other dogs. ‘Curing Dog Separation Anxiety’ can help you get started with correcting behavioral problems right away, even if you have an older or adopted dog. However, if it is possible, you should start when your dog is still a puppy.

How To Train A Puppy

When a puppy is separated from their mother, they can actually suffer from puppy post partum. When you leave them alone for the day, they become a crying dog when you leave. Then, if you don’t pay enough attention to them (or even too much) when you are home, they can grow into becoming a constantly dependent and whining dog. This can be heartbreaking at first, but if you are gone from home a lot, this will eventually become a problem as your dog grows older. ‘Curing Dog Separation Anxiety’ has many practical dog separation cures - like how to use dog toys and treats - that you can use right away on your puppy to ensure that they will be well-adjusted and happy even if you can’t be there all of the time.

My Dog Is Sad

Dog mental health is a subject that expert trainer and author Stephanie Abel understands. So if your dog is depressed, she can help. Dogs are pets with feelings that Stephanie teaches you to recognize and understand. Simply by recognizing your dog’s emotions, you will know why they are not eating as much, have a lack of energy, or are disinterested in their favorite toys or activities. If your dog has mental problems, Stephanie has dog cures that really help in any situation. In the case of depression, change in diet and exercise are just a few of the dog anxiety cures that will get your dog moving and enjoying themselves again.

‘Curing Dog Separation Anxiety’ Is Quick To Read

Author Stephanie Abel has written ‘Curing Dog Separation Anxiety’ to be easy to understand and fast to read. Even though this comprehensive work contains 90 pages packed full of advice and information, it is written in a style that is very accessible and will allow you to get started on eliminating dog separation anxiety as soon as you become familiar with her training techniques. Stephanie teaches any dog owner how to rapidly calm a dog down, stop it from crying all of the time, jumping up on people, and all of the other destructive behavior that stems from dog separation anxiety. You will see a difference in your first session, so the sooner you get started with ‘Curing Dog Separation Anxiety’, the faster your house will return to being a more peaceful home with a happy dog.

So, instead of coming home to see destroyed furniture and a whining, crying, barking or jumping dog; learn how to regain control of your dog in an easy and nurturing way. To find out more information about Stephanie Abel’s book, ‘Curing Dog Separation Anxiety’ then click on the following link:

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Cure Dog Separation Anxiety - Special Discount!​
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I posted this in the General forum and I'll post it here:
I'm sorry, you come on to post "ads" on your forum that are UN TRUE but yet refuse to be involved in the forum in any other way??

SEPARATION ANXIETY CAN NOT BE CURED!!!!! The parts that CAN be cured are not SA! They are behavoral issues that can be TRAINED out, but TRUE SEPARATION ANXIETY CAN NOT BE CURED!

And yes, that ad offends me like no other since I have HAD a SA dog.

I reallly would like you take down this ad, since it is UNSUPORTED and UNRESEARCHED and makes FALSE CLAIMS.

Edited to add: Anyone who REALLY wants to know about SA and how to treat it, THIS is where you want to go http://www.dogforums.com/3-dog-training-forum/60390-separation-anxiety-what-s.html

Claims like this put me in tears. As someone who had a dog with a HORRIBLE case of SA, this is a dagger in the heart. False claims... Completely FALSE for just the sake of money....
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