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Cuddles is going to preschool tomorrow (okay puppy school)

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We debated whether to send Cuddles to puppy school since I have gone through it twice and basically know what it involves but this little girl gets so freeked out by dogs when we take walks. Of course she is fine with our other dog but starting tomorrow night we will be dogsitting our daughter's fifty pound dog at our house and she is scared of her too. Anyway, she is signed up and starts school tomorrow morning. To those who haven't gone, they are fun classes provided you have a good teacher.
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That's great. A big part of puppy class is the socialization with other dogs, play and being able to focus with other dogs around.
It is kind of hard to train her when the other dog is around (at home). Hard to train (retrain) at the same time with two dogs.
I'm glad you're doing it. I'm going to sign up Clayton for puppy class with the same teacher I had for training Cupid. Mine starts in May, and I'm definitely excited to have him interact with other dogs besides Cupid.

Hope your little girl's class goes well!
She had her first class today and was very good. After that we went and picked up our other dog and took them to the dog park for a hour. They had a blast. Then we ate at Culvers, came home and did some things in the yard. Well they got muddy and then they both had to have baths. Then are both having a afternoon nap now.
I'm glad it went so well. Remind me how old she is? I'm trying to decide whether to take Clayton at nearly four months or nearly five.
She is just turning four months and is the smallest in her class.
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