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CSJ little champ

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Our 5 month working cocker is currently on CSJ little champ not sure if people recommend it or not but she loves it, I was just wondering does anyone recommend and add things like fish oil supplements to their dry food?

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I'm guessing you are in the UK? Labeling requirements are different, and I'm used to reading US labels, but it looks like a perfectly decent food on paper. If she likes it and is doing well on it (nice skin and coat, good poops, and plenty of energy), then I see no reason not to feed it. Fish oil is okay for adult dogs, but not something I'd recommend for a puppy. If she doesn't seem to be doing well on this food, try something else to see if it works better.
I have been specifically avoiding fish oil (both for me and for my dogs) because of possible mercury content in many of them.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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