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Crying and sooking constanty after developing epilepsy

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My 8yo beagleX developed epilepsy a fair few months ago, regular seizures. She was diagnosed and put on seizure meds, they have drastically reduced seizures but they still happen, she has had multiple check ups and had her meds adjusted, still has the occasional seizure. Vet states nothing more can be done.

Since she developed epilepsy, she crys allot and recently it's been all the time, non stop, 3am when I get up for work, she wakes up and starts immediately. She has company, her best friend our other beagle but she kind of ignores him now and walks around crying. She has another check up in a couple days. Her personality has changed a bit too, doesnt play with her friend, doesn't respond well to instruction anymore, doesn't run around like a mad girl like she used to. She just wanders around and crys.

If I go and spend time with her, she stops crying momentarily, doesnt really want to play, stands with me, gets bored and wanders off and starts crying again.

I don't know how to help her, she gets walks regularly. She gets attention, has company. She's never had these issues before she developed epilepsy. I'm beginning to think something neurological is going on, but I can't tell.

I got home about 45 min ago, went to see her and give her her afternoon brush and cuddle after work. And she's been crying non stop, the moment I got out of my car I could hear her.

I have no idea what to do. I go outside to see her and she's seemingly happy, tail wagging, no pain, no sign of distress other than crying.
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Look into taking her to a different vet tomorrow. It is sad to hear a animal crying like that.

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