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Some of you may have seen in my other thread the results of Indies' vet visit. I'd like to get some DFers' thoughts and ideas on the matter.

The vet said she has mild laxity in her knees. The joints are loose, but don't pop out. She has good movement in her hips(thank goodness). There is no discomfort at all with any amount of probing and prodding. She also sways her hips a bit when she is just walking.

The vet said to keep the exercise just to walking etc, no fetch or hard exercise.
My guess is hardwood/tile flooring has played a big part. Indie has never had problems no matter how much exercise she has done before. And I don't really want to condemn my dog to boring ol' walks. She LOVES to chase and run. And has never showed any stress in her joints before.

First thing is we went and got glucosamine and fish oil. So she is on that. I would like a 2nd opinion, but my husband would flip if I said I wanted to take her to the vet again.
I just want to be able to do the things with her that we always do really.
Any suggestions?
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