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Do you think this is all about a traumatic incident or do you think you have a sketchy temperament in your pup? Some dogs roll with things and some really struggle.

Does it seem like your pup is tough to deal with in other contexts?

I have a dog with a weak temperament. I have a solid dog. I have a reactive but wonderful dog. The solutions for each are pretty different due to their different wiring.

Sounds like you are doing all of the right things. This pup is lucky to be in your care. If the pup is weak nerved, is there a chance that your breeder might be part of the solution? Will a sensitive dog fit into your lifestyle?

When I recently picked up my pup, I put her in a crate and drove 2 hours. She freaked out for 10 minutes and then just chilled and never had another issue. She didn't seem to care in the least that she had just left everything she knew. She came out of the crate happy and social and confident. I did less "right" than you did but got a totally different result. I think if my pup was reacting like yours, I would have contacted the breeder for a different pup. (Not that YOU should!!! Only you know if the pup will fit into your world. Mine was destined to be a therapy dog and compete, so for me, a bold and take-it-in-stride temperament was of primary importance and the breeder and I both understood that up front.)

You may have your work cut out for you. I feel bad for you and the pup.
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