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It’s the hardest thing a pet parent will have to do when it comes to their beloved pet: tell them goodbye. When your precious furry family member crosses the Rainbow Bridge, it’s natural to feel sadness, grief, and loss. There are some things you can expect during the grieving process, and some ways you can help memorialize your pet when they’ve passed on.

Acknowledge Feelings
The most important thing you can do when your pet dies is to recognize their death as a real loss. It isn’t ‘just a dog’ or ‘just a cat,’ you’ve lost. You’ve likely celebrated birthdays and holidays with your pet. You have pictures of them plastered all over your social media, and they’re family. Let yourself feel things associated with the grieving process: sadness, anger, guilt, longing. These are normal feelings and accepting them as part of the process will help you process them and move through the upcoming days.

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