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Crazy/Kind of Funny Incident

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Just thought I'd share a kind of funny incident from this afternoon. Me and the SO and Max were on our afternoon constitutional. The streets were relatively clear because it's Easter Sunday but as we're walking back we see a guy get pulled over to get a speeding ticket, another cop and this white truck that was stopped at the intersection but pulled out kind of far. Well the truck goes to turn slowly into this shopping center when we see a Jack Russell Terrier take a flying leap out the passenger window and come rushing at us. It wasn't aggressive but it was my most hyper dog I've ever seen. I picked up Max quickly because I know how he feels about hyper dogs and the dog proceeds to jump all over us. The lady gets out of the car and runs towards us apologizing and meanwhile SO is trying to catch this dog which is jumping like a jumping bean and eluding his grasp. Meanwhile Max is growling at the dog who may or may not have headbutted him in the weiner in the course of his enthusiastic jumping.

As the woman gets close the dog takes off down the sidewalk and now two amused cops are looking on. So she's explaining to them and us how this never happens but the dog is an escape artist and starts trotting after him calling for him. Meanwhile her other dog is watching calmly from the driver side window. Apparently the other dog's name was Max and she was thinking of luring the dog back with Max only for a second there I thought she meant MY Max. Anyway, one of the cops got in the car to follow the dog, Harry, who had quite a lead (but fortunately wasn't wandering into the street) and we lost track of them as he ran into a neighboring apartment complex. I was scared the dog would get hit by a car, but it seemed to turn out well and though this is kind of un-PC to say so it was pretty funny. Glad it wasn't my dog though, yeesh.
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That would have been a slightly comical situation, lol! Max sounds/acts like Donatello. I had to scoop Donatello up after meeting a new Jack Russel, this JR was really large, slightly older, but still energetic enough to bounce up and touch noses- So every time the JR would jump up, he'd growl... **Bounce** "Grrr"... **Bounce** "Grr..." lol! It was slightly comical.

However, if that lady mentioned her dog was an "escape artist", then she should be fully aware of the consequences when leaving her dog loose in the car with an open window? That's like a big, "DUH!" lol!
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