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First of all, I think you mean German Shepher-Poodle cross. If "yes" you have a mix of VERY high energy breeds. So there is that. The end result may be a limited "off switch."

I crated at night. I crate when I cannot watch the puppy. So, while getting dressed, fixing meals, cleaning house, crate. Get a couple of Kong toys. Put low fat plain yogurt in them. Freeze them. When YOU need a break, or go out to get groceries or fold laundry the puppy can be crated. If ot will be awhile (like an hour or more) put that kong in there to give the puppy something to work on. Just remember when you get the puppy out of the crate to whisk 'em right outside to go potty.

Training can tire your puppy out. 15 minutes here and there is a good way to start. Teach useful things like walking on a loose leash and "go to place" (bed or crate).

I also suggest you play "brain games" with your puppy. Check out clicker training as a way to tire your puppy out (and get the puppy trained at the same time!). Clicker training can help with all the things you need to teach your puppy so you have a great family dog.

Here is a good site:
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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