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I have an 8 month old beagle/grayhound mix that I adopted about 10 days ago. She has been having some trouble with separation anxiety and her crate the past two days. she loves her crate usually, especially when I'm in the same room with her and she has a toy with her. I've gone out at least a few minutes each day with the crate closed to get her used to being home. I built it up over time to about 90 minutes each day, and she would cry about 15-20 minutes then stop and go to sleep until I got back.

Yesterday, a switch flipped or something. I went out about an hour and she cried and howled the entire time. Didn't stop to come up for air even one second. She was also scratching at the floor of the crate which she hasn't done even once since I got her. I came home and she heard me in the kitchen (she was in the door locked in the bedroom, where the crate has been the entire time so its not like the location has changed), and didn't stop for another 20 minutes or so. She finally did stop (I think she literally cried herself to sleep), so I took her out after an additional 10 minutes of sleep/silence. Since then she has been pacing nonstop and refuses to go in the crate again unless I shut off all the lights and sleep beside her in bed with the crate open.

I left her again just now and she's been crying for over an hour. Does anyone know what changed and what I'm doing wrong? This is so out of character for her and I'm worried. She has been going potty like normal, eating regularly, is active on walks, her nose is wet and isn't showing any other signs of illness.

She has gotten progressively misbehaved during walks since I left her alone yesterday. She used to only pull on the leash when she saw a squirrel or stray cat, and on our past three walks she has been pulling the entire time, so badly that she is choking herself. I am in the process of signing up for training classes but that will take at least a few days. I am very worried and need help. She is like a completely different dog in a matter of hours. I don't know how to help her.
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