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I am far from an expert on dogs, but since nobody else has chimed in, I'll give my thoughts for what little they are worth.

You say you keep him closed in his crate at night so he won't go berserk barking at the foxes. Yet you want him to sleep in a dog bed instead of his crate? I am confused.

If you are okay with him being outside of his crate at night, then what is the harm with allowing him to sleep on the sofa and then go into his crate at night on his own? Then, after he is okay with that situation, then remove the crate and give him a bed and he can choose to use it or continue sleeping on the sofa.

For many dogs, the crate is a sort of safe haven. You might want to put his new dog bed in an out of the way corner of a room or between a couple larger pieces of furniture. My last dog slept in my room, tucked in a corner with walls on two sides and a big dresser on a third.
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