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Crate Training

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My girlfriend and I have a 3 month old Great Dane puppy who continues to have accidents in her crate and barks non-stop while in there. We have done everything by the book when it comes to crate training. We’ve made it a comfortable place for her, created a positive association with her crate, started with having her in there for short periods of time and slowly increase the time, and put special treats/toys in there with her. We also make sure to walk her before putting her in there so she’s tired and so that she goes to the bathroom outside. But whenever we’re gone for more than 30 minutes she’ll continue to bark and will pee in her crate. We believe she may have separation anxiety, but nothing seems to work to reverse it and get her to be more independent.

All advice is welcome! We live in an apartment building and would like to go on a date night without worrying about our neighbors complaining about the noise or coming home and washing her bed since she peed in her crate.
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Take the bed out of the crate. That makes it nicer if she pees. Let the floor be hard. Go back to square 1 and leave her with a meaty bone or a food puzzle toy or Kong with plain yogurt and previously frozen. Make sure she is hungry (skip the meal before crating her).

Try leaving for a minute and returning immediately. IGNORE THE DOG and say NOTHING when doing this. Just come and go.. several times per session while she has the bone or puzzle or toy.

See how it goes. IF this works start to increase the time gone from a minute to 5 minutes and so forth.

Just BE SILENT yourselves during the process. Do not look at her. Just be very neutral and uninteresting.
I don't live in an apartment so I have a luxury that you don't have.
I personally don't care how long a dog screams his or her heads off. the dogs get no reaction from me I personally can sleep through the best of the spoil ones. And it stops in a short amount of time , for I think "not working,they get no gain from it , not even emotionally "

My only alternative when a dog will harm them selves being in a crate (life threatening behavior of eating their way out ), is start training them to a safe / space. Baby gated off area, or spare bedroom. Your going to need to puppy proof the puppy with advanceing them to a high level of maturity training.

Had two neighbors who both had a single Great Dane each, one was so obediance perfect single owner, and the other family of 2 adults and 2 kids used a cynder block to attach their dane too in the house which the dane ignored and dragged all over the place. Lots of time spent with the great dane that had perfect manners and obediance and only one owner. Not alot of time spent for the other dane, the family felt danes are not intelligent and hadn't bothered .

make this your priority for this pup. the breed is highly intelligent to accomplish it.
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