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1. An ~8 week old puppy is a baby. You need to be letting him out every 20-30 min, not every hour.

2. He should not be given the opportunity to eliminate in the house. He should be either in a crate (the correct size for him), in a play pen, or attached to you on a leash. If you see him start to sniff/look like he needs to go out, you drop everything and take him outside.

3. Don't use pads. Pads look a lot like rugs and other household mats. You are essentially teaching him that eliminating inside is ok.

Puppies generally need to go outside:
1. 10 min after drinking
2. 10 min after eating
3. After waking up from a nap/getting out of the crate
4. Every 20-30 min (until he gets a bit older)

I don't like the idea you have because this is a baby and letting him go outside by himself is dangerous. He could eat something bad for him, be taken, escape, get attacked, etc. It's just not safe in the long run. If you want to risk it, go for it. But puppies are a lot of work and if you cut corners on training it will come back to bite you in the butt later.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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