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So, I recently adopted a rescue puppy (My neighbor found him abandoned behind a dumpster at the local mall) about 3 weeks ago. He is now 2.5 months old according to the vet. He is absolutely adorable, and I would love to love him more, but his messes are killing me! I take him out hourly (I work from home so this is possible). I've tried the pads. I interrupt him when he starts to go and rush him outside, but still he insists on leaving gifts for me everywhere.

I have a dog door that he is very comfortable using, goes in and out like it wasn't even there. I've now borrowed a rather large crate from my neighbor, and set it up so that the door is open, and the crate is facing the dog door, essentially locking him inside the spacious crate, with open access to the very large back yard.

Has anyone else done this? What are the chances of this being the method that works? Any input and opinions would be nice. Oh and I did look at the stickies, but this is a unique thing, I think...?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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