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I'm in Australia where the use of crates is no where near as prolific as it is in the States. I've had dogs for over 30 years and have never once had to resort to using crates, so they are not a necessity as some people believe.
I think crates are abused, they may be fine to put your dog into for an hour or two while you pop out to the store, but imo absolutely no longer. I know people lock their dog in crates and then go off to work for hours. This in my opinion is abuse.
I think a partitioned space that contains a crate with door removed is a much better idea.
It's easy to judge when you're someone who has the luxury of staying home with the dog all day. IMO what's abusive is letting a dog injure or poison itself, or escape, when left unattended. Crates are sometimes the safest option.

Puppies sleep 18+ hours per day and adult dogs sleep 12+ hours per day anyway.
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