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Day crate training is going OK (I think). Our 13-week old GSD mix has spent a good deal of time in the crate while we're around -- weekends and evenings (He spends all night in the crate with one walk around 3; he won't make it the whole night without being walked yet). During the day, he whines a tiny bit when crated, which I mostly ignore. When he takes to pawing the door consistently, I walk him to pee or poo, but that's it -- hoping to give him the message that this won't result in play time. After the first time, I give him a very short time to do his stuff and then right back in. But today he did this half a dozen times within a couple hours, and on only half of them he peed. Nothing solid, though by this many hours after lunch he usually would have gone. Just wondering if this approach makes sense. Thanks.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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