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Agree with 3GSD, don't let him out when pawing the door. Take him out for scheduled potty breaks and scheduled playtime, but not if its a time when he needs to be quiet. Letting him out when he's pawing the door teaches him that gets him out to play. Don't forget, puppies are easily distracted, so they may 'forget' they have to potty when they are outside. It helps to stand in one spot, puppy on leash, and wait for them to do their business, then praise and reward and have playtime or a walk (if that's what you have scheduled). It teaches the pup "Everything is very boring until I potty."

I mean, sometimes there may be an emergency where the dog has digestive upset and NEEDS to go, and some may whine and paw the door, but I guess I've always been able to tell the desperate NEED TO GO NOW whines and complaining from the "I just want to come out and play."
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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