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We brought our pup home Friday evening - 8 week old Schnauzer. He is doing SUPER great! Going pee on pad when told too, walks over to pad on his own to poop, responds over 60% of the times to a "no no".

BUT the crate has been a nightmare. He hates it. It is amazing how loud he can cry/howl/bark at 8 weeks old. He bites the bars on the door and really carries on.

We have put his woobie (blanket) chewy, toy in with him - no dice!

At his birth home he was given free range in a bedroom - never had been in a cage.

The issue is we live in a town house type complex with 8 units in our building.

I have to go into work today for about 2 hrs or so and some other places on Monday.

We are given 2 notes of animal disturbances and we are OUT of the complex. Very low tolerance for animal disturbances.

I am going to put him in our bedroom with the sound machine (water falls) on and pray that covers up his noises - I think it will.

However I want him to LIKE his kennel. Right now he is in a large cat crate as our Dog crate is pretty big and I don't want him to use it as his potty house.

Any tips?

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there are great crate training threads on here, if you search. Check in the First time owner section. I would maybe talk to your landlord and neighbors, let them know you may need a week of patience, because the dog will need time. But they figure it out pretty quickly. Our pup had the same thing, never had been in a crate an it was rough the first few days (and nights) but she figured it out. A Kong with peanut butter helps a lot, and exercising and pottying before you put the dog in the crate. Our dog ONLY gets the peanut butter in the crate, so as soon as she sees it now, she just goes in on her own! Just remember your pup is a baby who just got taken from her mother and home, it takes a while to get used to the new environment. Also, schnauzers aren't known for being super quiet ;) try www.dogstardaily.com for some great tips. good luck, hang in there!

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Good tips from Crazy Daisy,

Your pup needs to acclimated to his crate. You can't just put him in there the first time around, you need to gradually let him be comfortable in the crate before you even start closing the door on him. GRADUAL is key, and don't go beyond what they are comfortable. Here are some things to help while you are gradually acclimating him to the crate;

1. When you're away, put him in a large exercise pen with a pee pad, and plenty of toys and a bed for him. This should stop the neighbours from being angry, at least during the day.
Teach him how to "Go to bed" or "Go to crate"
2. exercise him thoroughly before putting him in the crate. A tired puppy is a good puppy.
3. Do not under any circumstances, look at him, talk to him, walk over to him or let him out when he cries, whines, screams, has a fit in his crate. This will reinforce that whining will get him out. Only let him out when he's been quiet for 5 minutes.
4. When you're acclimating him to the crate, make sure you use strongly reinforcing treats, especially when he's hungry so he's more motivated.
5. Don't leave him in the crate with a blanket. He may rip it up out of stress and ingest some of it. He may also pee on it as soft surfaces make it more desirable to do so.

The key though is to:
1. Acclimate him to the crate. Start slow. Let him go in and investigate. Toss treats in. Praise him for going in voluntarily. Feed his meals in the crate.
2. Make sure the crate is enclosed to crate that safe, den-like feel. Make sure it's big enough for him to stand, turn around and lie down comfortable. If it's too tall, or wide, he may have accidents in it out of stress, and also the fact he is 8 weeks old.
3. Do NOT put newspapers, or puppy pads in the crate. This will inhibit crate training.

Hope this helps!

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We realized pretty quick that our pup was not going to be crate trained that first night home! He was 8 wks too. We put the entire crate set up with the door open in an expen with a piddle pad and toys and that's where he was at night for the first few months. While he shrieked if he was in the crate with it closed, he had no problems with the pen. He would go into his crate and sleep, but had more room to move around. I'm sure we could have properly crated him earlier, but we waited until he hadn't had an overnight accident in a month. He'll be 5 months old on Thursday, and he's now closed into his crate at night, and just goes in and lays right down no problem. We still have the expen set up for the day time since we work and I don't want him crated all day AND all night, but he does sleep in his crate, quietly, door shut at night.
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