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Crate training our 3 month old puppy (corgi)

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So we hired a professional dog trainer for our new puppy corgi and we are working on crate training. He’s a lot smaller than his crate so I made a divider in the crate to make it just big enough for him to stand up, turn around, and lay down. But after doing so and realizing how small of a space that is, I feel horrible. I know it’s what it takes to train him but me and my partner are really struggling with it. Should I at least put a puppy bed in there for a little bit of comfort? He’s whining in the most pitiful way and we just feel like horrible owners 😭
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Many dogs - especially young, stressed dogs - will chew up any bedding, which can be dangerous. You could try it and watch closely and remove it if he starts chewing on it.

While most here (myself included) support crate training for the safety of our dogs, you will find some who feel it IS cruel and unnecessary, so brace yourself.
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