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If you do use bedding, i suggest only a single fleece blanket. Nothing with stuffing and no towels. Fleece shreds into tiny bits which reduces the risk of choking or bowel obstruction. Towels can shred into long and dangerous strings while stuffed beds can be big hunks of fiber batting.

Even if you never intend to crate your dog as an adult, learning to be comfortable in a crate is a life skill that I think all dogs should have when possible.

Think about future situations:
Travel/hotels. Vet care/surgery kenneling. Emergency shelter or evacuations (hurricanes, earthquakes, forest fires) as the few pet friendly shelters almost univerally require crating. Sports/fun events competions. Work being done on your house.

All those situations are safer if a dog is happily crated. Some may absolutely require crating.

You don't want your dog to be stressed by crating and then forced into one of those situations nor do you want the first time a dog is crated for awhile to be under a stressful or new circumstance.

Look up "crate games" and play with the dog to make the crate a normal and comfortable place. Make sure to give plenty of age appropriate potty breaks.
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