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Crate Training for adult, blind dog

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Our 13-year old Brittany has been blind for about 2 years. He has always been anxious, but now he is super anxious especially when left home alone. We had attempted to crate train him when he was a puppy but he seemed to hate it from day one--I'm talking chewing the crate, lunging himself against the bars, getting his snout stuck between the metal slats....it was horrible and I thought he was going to harm himself. We tried a small crate and a big crate and then gave up. Fast forward a decade, and the second we leave the house he paces and paces, hyperventilating trying to find us. We don't leave him for long periods of time, but 1 hour seems like 10 hours to him. He gets 20 mg daily fluoxetine and we have tried Xanax, CBD with some THC, and pain relievers but nothing settles him down. I am thinking now to retry crate training, so he won't feel compelled to walk around trying to find us. Any thoughts??
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I would try the crate again, but make sure you take it very slow. Put in a comfy bed for him. Put him in there and then sit with him for a while, petting him, talking to him. And then let him out. Maybe a couple hours later try that again, and bring treats. Then let him out. Then try it again with toys (if hes still interested in them) Once he's comfortable lying down in there if you're sitting there, then I would try shutting the door, but not leaving the house. Leave him in there about an hour or so (even if he cries,) and then let him out. You could also try having the crate in a room with a tv or radio so he is able to listen to people talking or soothing music. The main thing is teaching him that his crate is a rewarding, safe place.
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