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Crate Training During the Day

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We have had our newest little girl for 6 days and unfortunately we both work Monday-Friday jobs. We have been crate training her and while night training has been very successful, day training has been quite messy. I'm the one that comes home from work first and I'm always met with a huge poop mess in her crate. Our other dog NEVER pooped in his crate at this age and gave us no trouble. I'm getting up around 530 to 6am to make sure she potties, eats breakfast, potties some more before we leave for work but still there's a huge mess in the crate! I'm getting very discouraged and need some advice on any tips or tricks that I can enable to stop these day time disasters?
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So you're crating this baby all night and then all day? That's asking a lot. Try to find someone who can let her out midday and maybe play with her a bit.
All puppies aren't the same any more than all babies/children are. Stop thinking about how your other dog could handle what this puppy can't and start thinking about what you can do to help this puppy handle it. I bet you can find someone in your neighborhood who would let her out for a few bucks. If you can't handle that, what happens when one of those dogs needs a vet?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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