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What I would do: Take 2 weeks off.
Teach your puppy that the crate is a good thing and that you will come back if you leave.
How to do it: The crate is the chillout place. Always give your pup something to chew on while it is in the crate. Combine it with super delicious treats. This way the dog will connect the crate with good things.

Second: You want to build up the time alone slowly. This is why you need to take a few free days for training. And by slow I mean really slow. Not only will your dog learn that you come back, but also frustation tolerance.
The first step would be to leave the room and close the door for not more than 1-2 seconds before coming back. You do that until your dog is starting to show signs of relaxation in the crate. After that, you slowly increase the time outsite of the room. Maybe to 20 seconds first, then further and further. Always increase the time IF you see the dog relaxing.
While doing so, don't give the dog attention. Just ignore him and do whatever has to be done right now (like washing dishes). By doing so, the dog learns that you leaving and coming back is normal routine and no big deal.
And please do the training in intervals. Train for 15 minutes, then take 1 or 2 hours break. Repeat.

I know that this sounds like a weird thing, but you will not even need a crate anymore if you do this once and take your time with it. The dog will sleep while you are gone after that.
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