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I agree with hambonez she definately shouldnt have a bathroom in there, the crate is her bed and a place for safety not for potty, so you'd have to invest in a smaller pen. Only big enough for her to stand, turn around and lay.

I have a pomeranian puppy and i'm new myself to crate training as i didnt have this with my other dog. I have bought a large puppy pen, in the pen she has her crate and water bowl 1 end and toys the other. I have covered the floor with huggies dry nites bed mats. I chose to use these as the puppy piddle mats are suppose to have a smell that encourages a puppy to pee/poop were as the kids mats dont. The pads should only really be there to soak up any accidents.

Sounds to me like your gonna have to re-train her to like the crate. Bring the crate in the a room near to were you will be staying. With the door open put some of her favorite treats in the crate, something she cant resist, encourage her to go in, let her eat and leave the door open so she can get back out when finished. Repeat this for a while, eventually when she's in eating her treats close the door-open once she has finished. Eventually prolong the period of time the door is closed minute by minute. If she whimpers wait until she has stopped then let her out. There is no easy fix, and it could take weeks or longer but with positive reinforcement it should work.

As for the seperation choose a room (not the crate) put her in it, let her get on with what ever she is doing, pay her no special attention. Leave the room, with babygate/door closed go back in after a minute or so. She bounce around your feet like you've been gone all day, but dont make any special fuss, instead get her to go a trick and treat her for that taking away the attention from you and your absence. Increase the length of time your away but trey return before your dog gets upset. Might be worth minimizing any of the signs that symbol your about to leave, like turning the tv off, turn it of at random times! Also might be worth turning a radio on for her, im not saying shes gonna have a dance to it but some decent music might help her relax. Failing that you could ask your vet, im sure i read somewhere that for really bad cases they can prescribe drugs to help.

Hope some of this helped, Good luck xxx
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