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O.k. I am new to this thread and forum and would love to have some clarification regarding crate training please.

We have an 14 week old spoodle (cocker spaniel x poodle) that I have been crate training since 8 weeks. We thought we were doing everything correctly however it appears not. This is our problem so can someone please clarify....

She goes in the crate to sleep. I am home 5 days a week and occassionally go out on those days with my kids to the park or somewhere so she goes into the crate on those times also. She also goes into the crate in the evening at around 9 each night. Overnight she has a pee pad at one end and her bed at the other. EVERY TIME SHE GOES INTO THE CRATE SHE CRIES AND BARKS FOR AT LEAST 15 - 20 MINS. Originaly when we got her she would poo & wee in her crate on her bed it didn't matter to her. She would also cry continuously. She now only goes to the toilet on her pee pad overnight however during the day she will go wherever she likes. It is extremely frustrating as you may have her outside for hours running around etc and then within 2 seconds of getting inside she will go to the toilet. I thought that crate training would help her with seperation issues however we have also tried leaving her in the laundry not in her crate and she still carries on for quite sometime. If she hears us in the house she cries and won't settle.

It is getting very hard as with 2 children you can't always keep them quiet. She doesn't cry at all overnight once she has settled. She does around 3 poos in her crate on her pee pad every night!!!!

Are we doing something wrong? Should she still be crying so much when we crate her. She gets so frantic that she turns her water over and just sounds very frantic? We don't go to her and eventually she settles.

THe problem is that our neighbours are beginning to get very sick and tired of her crying and barking when she is crated and I can't blame them as it is very loud. Although she is in an interior part of the house she is VERY loud and vocal about her apparent displeasure of being crated.

We also put in a pigs ear or a kong etc but she doesn't seem interested at all.

My questions are:

Are we doing something wrong as she seems to hate being crated?
Is there anything that we should be doing different to stop her apparent anxiety?
How long should this continue before we seek professionaly assistance?

Whenever we are home she is with us a playing and exercising so I can't see her being bored. We can't leave her out in the house as she will just pee and poo wherever if we weren't there to take her out.

HELP PLEASE as I don't want the council to come knocking as we are trying everything that we know to help her?

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